What is curable blindness?

Curable or avoidable blindness is something that can be either treated or prevented with timely, cost - effective intervention and aid the individual to lead a normal and respectful life.

Why emphasis on Cataract?

Cataract contributes to 62.6% of blindness and India houses the second highest number of blind people in the world. (Source- vision2020india.org). Old age is one of the most common causes of cataract. As cataract progresses so does the dependency on others for normal day-to-day routine. It is our endeavour to reduce this dependency of the

Why only Eye diseases?

India has the largest population of blind people in the world, that’s over 8 million people. Most of them live in the poorest parts of the country with little or no access to even basic health care facilities. 80% blindness can be prevented with timely intervention.

How can I donate?

You can donate through a cheque in favour of “Sight For All Foundation” and courier or post at the below mentioned address. Alternatively you may DONATE ONLINE through your credit or debit card, our bank details are as below: Donate via cheque All cheques should be in favour of “Sight For All Foundation”. We do

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